July 29, 2019

Privacy Policy


McAfee Privacy compliance policy and Data Security Law

Privacy control and management is the backbone of any organization that collects and use the personal data of its customers. We understand the consequences of losing precious data or letting it slip into the wrong hands. McAfee recognizes the elemental significance of customer privacy, security and fortification of data. We respect your privacy and follow a set of strict guidelines to ensure its confidentiality.

In this Privacy Statement, you will be notified about your privacy rights, or how to change and update information about you, which may include gathering user data from online activities, use of devices, Pand how McAfee exploit the data for recruitment and employment purposes. The terms and conditions mentioned in the policy are applicable and implemented on every domain, website, services, applications and products owned by McAfee.  

To view and read the Statement in a selective language, you can choose to translate the policy content, or any applicable particular country or region.

As a world-renowned provider of cyber security solutions, clothed in immense popularity among tech-savvies, with legal entities, global customers, business campaigns, multinational branches, management structure and technical system, interlinked together to form a bigger network, we strive to add multiple layers of security to ensure uncompromised data protection across all the operations.

Information shared to users by a third-party website, application, social media platform, product or service, will not be applicable to this Privacy Statement as they are accessible through links that McAfee official websites provide for user’s convenience. Going through those links may lead to dismissal of your services, or make your data fall into the hands of third-party operators. McAfee does not support, endorse, encourage, control, or represent any such third party websites, and never interfere or criticize their privacy laws, which may not be similar to McAfee. McAfee advocates a thorough assessment of Privacy policy before allowing the website collects your personal and confidential data.

The core principles of Privacy Policy

McAfee follows a very strict confidentiality assurance program and is dedicated toward compliance with the following principles to meet the global standards of privacy and data protection. The company bears full accountability of data collected by its official website. Thus, the core principles are based upon…

Lawfulness, Fairness and Transparency

McAfee collect, protect and organize personal data in accordance with transparency, privacy laws and fairness to you.

Notice and Choice of Data use

McAfee official Website gives you a choice on personal data you want to share and notifies you of the purpose and intentions for which the data is collected and processed.

Data Access

McAfee provides you complete access to your personal data along with the ability to review, alter, change, update or delete any data that you have shared on the website.

Data Integrity and Purpose Limitation

McAfee only collects your personal data that is very common in nature and never asks you of anything out of the box. At the time of collection, you will be notified of the purpose of collection or other compatibility purposes, in accordance with the law.

Data Security

McAfee implements strong security measures to ensure complete protection of personal data against unauthorized access.

Accountability for Onward Transfer

McAfee is accountable for the transfer of data through McAfee website or to third-party websites.

Policy guidelines to use data   

McAfee receives customer data and implements it in accordance to improve customer relationship and better serve them with personalizing experience and interaction. The policy guidelines to use personal data are based on the following elements:

  • Customer Experience
  • Transaction Support
  • Product Support and Improvement
  • Administrative Communications
  • Security
  • Business Operations
  • Research and Innovation
  • Advertising
  • Compliance with Law

 Type of data collected by McAfee

McAfee collects personal data of users when they the use particular McAfee products, or while creating an account on McAfee website, or during conversations or email exchange with McAfee tech Support representatives. List of information provided by users directly:

  • Contact Data
  • Payment Data
  • Account Data
  • Location Data
  • Security Credentials Data
  • Demographic Data
  • Preferences
  • Social Media Data
  • Other Unique Identification Information

Information that stores automatically when users access McAfee products

  • Product Usage Data
  • Device Data
  • Application Data
  • Performance Data
  • Website Browsing Data
  • Anonymous or Aggregated Data

Data Storage and Security

To safely store personal data collected by McAfee and protect it against unauthorized access, the company employs methodological and reasonable physical, technical and administrative procedure.

Sharing of collected data

McAfee will only share your data with the followings:     

  • Data sharing with McAfee third party websites
  • Data sharing with Service providers
  • Corporate Transactions
  • Compliance Law
  • Sharing with other third parties